Digital Collaboration for successful ocean projects

TrueOcean is the leading marine data platform for convenient data management, smart and automated analysis and scalable processing.

Talk to one of our marine data experts and get a demo of our marine data platform.

Reduce risk, increase speed and profitability through digital collaboration.

Your data in one space

Accessibility of data is key. Keep your data at hand in a safe and maintained cloud infrastructure. The data remains within your sovereignty. The digital platform makes data globally available and accessible from everywhere. From legacy to actual project data, all is safely and digitally hosted over the project's lifecycle and beyond.

Connect your data

Use digital connectivity to collaborate within your organisation or with external stakeholders. Share data or grant access to multiple users. You organize user roles and rights and keep control over your data. Platform collaboration makes data transfer obsolete and boosts work process flow. Save time in processing data and gain efficiency in your ocean projects.

Manage your data

Manage your data and create your projects in your own and secure workspace. The user friendly interface makes data administration easy and sufficient and gives full overview on your data and the progress of projects. A sensor data base helps to keep good track of metadata on calibration and other parameters.  Keep control and enjoy best use of your data.

Analyse your data

Use smart technologies and AI based algorithms to retrieve the best information from your sensor data. Automized processing and scalable cloud resources allow deep and fast unveil of knowledge. Revolutionary work flow pipelines allows individual algorithms as well as functional modules offered as relevant industry solutions. We continuously improve analytical functions and develop solutions to your needs.

Isn't it time that subsea moved to the Cloud?
How marine survey providers and renewable energy companies can leverage more value from underwater sensor data

Master complexity. Automate processes. Stop wasting time.

Competitive edge

Reduce time and eliminate waste (data transfer). Digital collaboration allows parallel work flows and accelerates project efficiency for faster and better informed decisions.

Vendor agnostic

Independent data cloud. Regain control and free yourself from expensive, complex specialized software and data silos.

Geospatial data expertise

We have many years of experience in web technology and processing of marine data incorporated in our platform. Talk to our solution experts.

Flexible performance

Use the full potential of scalable cloud resources for storage and computing. Achieve faster and better risk assessment of your projects and accelerate efficiency.

TrueOcean as part of Marispace-X

Marispace-X is a project to build a high-performance and competitive, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe​. Marispace-X will create a digital marine data space based on data sovereignty, security, interoperability and modularity of Gaia-X​. Offshore wind farms are a key to net zero emissions: Marispace-X develops solutions for collaborative data collection, management and smart asset handling​.

Visit Marispace-X Website

TrueOcean receives funding for research projects by

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