Let’s digitalize the ocean together

Our team is the powerhouse of everything we do. If you are ready to grow your career and skills making oceanic applications like renewable energy projects grow better, you’ve come to the right place.

What is TrueOcean?

TrueOcean is a marine data platform that enables digital collaboration for successful ocean projects. Ocean projects incorporate important future endeavours such as offshore wind, sustainable resources, aquacultures, coastal protection measurements and marine infrastructure. Our mission is to empower stakeholders of the blue economy with our digital tools and services to conduct efficient and successful ocean projects on scale. Global scaling of offshore wind projects until 2030 and beyond require new approaches​. The speed and efficiency of project implementation must be increased. More and more data has to be processed. Digital collaboration is becoming essential.

Our story

Our Culture

We respect each other

Our team share a set of values that are not just beliefs, but ways of living. We respect one another, strive for constant advancement, and seek intercultural exchange. Because we are a multicultural, interdisciplinary group of people, we treat everyone with respect regardless of background, gender, beliefs, or birthplace.

Trust is the basis

We believe that the best answer to the challenges of modern work-life are flexibility, trust, and commitment from everyone. To this end, we have crafted the perfect balance between remote and on-site work to respect every team member’s unique lifestyle, needs, and strengths. We support, assist, and encourage each other, and we believe in lifelong learning and personal growth.

Our purpose is to harness and protect the ocean

As stated above, our main motivation—what gets us out of bed every day—is to help solving the world’s most difficult problems through the magic of digitalization. Every team member proudly contributes their skills to excellent teams and keeps one another accountable. We value personal responsibility, celebrating achievements, constructive feedback, and professional development. Most importantly: every single team member knows the goals, motives, actions, and targets of our teams. Transparency and clear communication are the key element of our success - without them, we fail.

"Janns and Frithjofs idea and vision grabbed me right from the start. With my experience, I want to lead TrueOcean to success. The potential is huge and the work is meaningful for me."
Philippe Take
Chief Sales Officer

Our People

We are people-centric

We are a people-centric organization. You can’t achieve goals or face challenges without everyone working together in the same direction. We see complex situations and moments of pressure as opportunities for growth, strength, and unity. Don’t just take our word for it; we’ve been recognized the world over for our rewarding work environments, emphasis on sustainable professional development, interesting projects, competitive pay, and passionate team spirit.

Become a leader

We owe much of our success to our various leadership departments. Our Management Department focuses on support, fostering an environment of respect and providing a backbone framework so that everyone understands our goals and methods. Management believes that the best way to grow is to hear and incorporate the constructive feedback of every team member, no matter their department.

Get supported

Alongside Management, our internationally-recognized People & Culture and Human Resources departments proactively support our teams, recognize their needs, and brilliantly seek out and recruit the most talented people to join our staff.

We would like to get to know you. Apply now and help us, make the world better.
Our Workspace

Our office—the engine of our well-oiled machine—provide a modern environment perfectly suited to cooperation, innovation, and worker satisfaction. When you visit our offices, you instantly feel the energy of our innovative work and the spirit of our vision. These spaces are friendly and open, architecturally flexible, and versatile, the perfect manifestation of New Work. We believe that an office isn’t just an office; it’s an invitation for everyone to contribute to a common sense of wellbeing, creativity, and respect.

Perks & Benefits
  • Flexible working hours and remote work

  • Modern work with the latest hardware and software

  • Annual education budget

  • Nature conservation and science projects that really make a difference.

  • Free beverages, fresh fruits and cereals

  • Team Events

  • Bike Leasing via BusinessBike

  • International and intercultural team