Frequently asked questions

What is a Marine Data Platform?

A marine data platform (MDP) is a cloud-based, unified database especially for marine sensor data, especially in geo-spatial, hydrographic or geophysical context, but also for metadata and other information about the subsurface space and ambient environment.  It is accessible by any user with access rights from anywhere at anytime. Data can be pulled from multiple sources and is automatically grouped in content relation. This structured data can be managed and organized common folder tree structure and related to projects. It can then easily be made accessible for further processing in the cloud ans/or to other software systems. A MDP enables digital collaboration of many stakeholders usually involved in complex marine projects (e.g. offshore wind farms) and leads to high efficiency gains. With a MDP you turn project into process driven work.

What marine sensor file formats are supported?

All sensor file formats can be uploaded, stored and managed in the platform. For further automated grouping and quality indexing we already fully support csv- and GSF files. These formats can already be subject to automated quality checks on the fly, when uploading and further specific processing. We continuously integrate the support of further formats (SEG-Y, XTF, ALL , ...) to be automatically processed, grouped and given a quality index.

Are other formats than sensor data supported?

Yes. All types of files can be uploaded, managed and shared. There are previews available for raster, images and different video formats.

What is the difference between TrueOcean and Marispace-X?

TrueOcean is the leading marine data platform based on cloud technology for sensor data management, processing and analysis and visualization. Marispace-X is a funded project by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs of Germany. It aims to set standards for a digital marine data space based on Gaia-X framework for data sovereignty, security, interoperability and modularity​. Gaia-X is a European initiative to build a high-performance and competitive, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe​.

What does the business model look like?

TrueOcean marine data platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provider. User pay a subscription fee for the period of use. The individual fee depends on the data volume and specific functionality used.

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